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I'm Charlie. I'm the co-founder of all Charisma on Command ( You can also find me by searching 'Charisma.'

I used to be quite the introvert. In high school, I was voted "Most Likely To Break From His Shell in College.

And even though life has been generally REALLY good and I was happy, I felt like there was something lost.

So I began to see a good deal of self-improvement books and use them to my own life. I labored even just knowing what to say to start a dialog!

Now, I reside in Las Vegas and instruct high-achieving, successful folks to exude excellent charisma. I assist them to become the person people find and would like to keep in touch with. I help them get promoted in their tasks and turn supervisors. I help them draw and date , quality folks that are amazing.

I get to help people live their best lives.

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