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Charles Freericks is from Paramus, New Jersey. He has a bachelor's degree from George Washington University. His Master's in Professional Writing is by the University of Southern California. He attended writing classes and workshops at the New School for Social Research, New York Universityat the University of Iowa, along with also the Padua Playwrights' Festival. Freericks' poetry has been published in multiple literary journals in addition to a chapbook entitled "In Search of a Voice," (Plowman Press 1990). He was a television executive for twenty years at CBS, Wilshire Court (Paramount), NBC, and finally New Line. He worked in a variety of aspects of design, eLearning and producing coaching videos, after departing television. He was also an Executive Producer on "The Glow" plus a Co-Executive Producer on "Red Water." He has five books readily available, "My Imaginary Friend Was Too Cool To Hang Out With Me," a comedic look at growing up in New Jersey, "Southern California Locals," a guide to local freight trains at the Los Angeles vicinity in addition to its own update, "Southern California Locals 2013/2014," "When the Sun Sets in the East," a publication of poems, and "In Search of a Voice," a re-issue of his own 1990 chapbook.

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