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Chiharu Rosenberg is a mosaic artist, created in Japan and graduated from Nihon University College of Art. She lives in Namibia, Africa and creates her mosaic mostly using materials that are recycled, hand cuts all of the bits, with no power tools.

Her work is profoundly influenced by Western art: beauty of nature without human influence, simplicity, space and equilibrium.
Her other passions are accountable for wildlife and nature.
When not producing mosaic, she is a film coordinator assisting in the production of character documentaries from Southern Africa. A recent production about #x 2019 & Namibia;s summer life took two years to film. It had been revealed on Discovery Science as & #x 201c; #x 201d & Mutant Planet; also won awards.
This work takes her into very wild and distant places, very close to animals and nature for extended periods of time. Founded, surrounded by wilderness, one can really appreciate the beauty of it.

The process of shaping and placing a tessera (a bit used in mosaic) is extremely calming and thrilling at the identical time. It places you in a different world on your own, your creativity, your dream, your location and will take your mind off life.
And the possibilities are endless!
"Mosaic is, quite simply, my passion and I hope my mosaic leaves you dream also."

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