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Al Marsiglia's novels, "Contract Pending" and 'By Hook or BY Crook" have caused a stir at the thriller/crime novel/mystery section of the novel reading people, creating largely 5 star revues on Amazon.
The mafia-flavored bent of his tales have a genuine feel to them and also for good reason. Although he hadn't personally been at the "life" himself Al grew up in the Bronx New York of the 1940's and 50's, in an age when organized crime was thriving all around him. The characters in his novels are based on actual people and friends he grew up. He was privy to his humor, their fears, and their tears and it shows in their own stories.
He is presently working on a third book in the Frankie Fiore series also has recently released a children's picture book entitled Stella that the Stowaway Starfish, also available on Amazon.

Born in the Bronx NY., Al Marsiglia has had many successful careers, including celebrity, real estate broker, over-the-road driver, restauranteur, hypnotherapist and writer. He has written three screenplays, two of which gained semi-finalist status in prestigious contests. His first publication, Contract Pending was initially conceived as a screenplay and could be seen on Al currently lives in North Carolina with his wife Rosemarie.

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