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In a world wide web filled with half truths, misinformation and ignorance, how can you reach the truth about anything? Hi, I am Chris, "THE Body Mechanic", or "Doctor Klein" to a. I've lead a very distinctive life, full of research, investigation and observation. I appear to see things, patterns and trends other individuals don't, and that's what leads me to write novels, videos, guides, tracts, etc.. I solve problems and get things done.

Typically, my attention is on religious and health and wellness, non-fiction areas. I have suffered many of the usual ailments of life - chronic pain from head to toe, and acne. By the grace of God I was able to conquer it all and show the others how to do the exact same.

What makes me such an expert on some of life's most important mysteries? How can I possibly know better than professionals with degrees? Simple. Three words - "prove all things". Two more words - "research everything". An additional term - "responsible". I do not pretend to understand what and tout a bunch of theories. I spent the time a lot of folks don't. I invested the money most people do not. I did frank investigations of all of the claims out there to find what is true and what's not. What's real and what is fake. What is true and what's allowable. I separated the wheat from the chaff. I investigated to learn just what saves our spirit, our health, our pocketbook - together with evidence. I took everybody's theories and crazy claims through time, went out and demonstrated them. I got responsible. And you should too. Don't just take my word for something. Go out and prove all my wild claims on your own. See if what I teach is authentic or not. Try me and you'll see. The richest life potential is at your doorstep.

There's some politics blended in with some of my functions, making things interesting. These subjects seem to have deep connections, so they naturally find their way into my b

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