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Christian Kallias was created in Geneva, Switzerland. As his surname suggests, he has Greek roots and frequently dreams of existence in Greece. The remainder of the moment, he plots space operas and fantasy stories in the home in Switzerland.

Christian has ever been fascinated with space and Science Fiction generally. As a teenager, he was eternally imagining tales, enjoying video games, and creating different art projects. Together with his sight constantly placed towards the stars, his books reflect a lot of his favourite things, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, and Stargate. He has fond memories of playing games such as Wing Commander, a fact which needs to be apparent in his depictions of all dogfight scenes.

Christian is drawn to imagining his stories where his utopian aspirations for a better world where humanity evolves and collapses towards a greater degree of civilization often find their way to his books. After trying to become a mangaka, a video game creator, an illustrator, and a cd cover artist, then he recognized along the way that the best medium to express himself was only through the written word.

Christian began his career as a system engineer and knows technology very nicely even though he's more than happy to never need to correct a server again for the remainder of his lifetime! With that old life behind, and now living his fantasy, he is thoroughly enjoying creating storylines and characters which lure the reader to reflect and to inquire what should? What when we did things differently? Imagine when we challenged our faith? But he doesn’t suggest that he is right with his or her questioning. He just has these queries and likes to share them with his subscribers. In the long run, Christian writes, first and foremost, to entertain. So for a little while, the reader can be transported to other worlds, and he hopes that they like the ride.

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