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Chris Hegg has been printed Internationally in the language focused EXPRESSIONS magazine that goes to over 60 nations and can be headquartered in the When and by Whom WWW Project publication. Chris's passion is petroglyphs and speech, growing up in a desert remote city of 25 people based on that year who passed away. His life spent wandering the hills. His Grandparents could not keep him so that they gave him a canteen and he grew into a genuine explorer alive off the land any chance he got. Mining was big since before times where he left my extra cash working to buy motorcycle gas in the 80 32,, and also being a geologist assistant is. Between rock climbing, prospecting and researching Chris came back to the interest of petroglyphs and they have been there. Chris's first introduction to them was by an old sheep herder girl that lived. She scared the boy with tales of red led giants which makes them when she was a girl living near his residence, and she had seen three of these! Chris was hooked forever trying to decode the code of symbols but failed at every turn.

Chris joined the Air Force and learned cryptology doing morse code. Once again home Chris started implementing his understanding to the problem that is older and now 40 decades later have made decipherments cracking important symbols. Chris discovered during his knowledge of geology that big petroglyph sites are thirteen to sixteen million years old.

After years of leaping from state to state looking at panels the net and social websites enabled Chris to connect with people everywhere to view more websites and soon understood that this language is international. It gets better since the Last piece into the puzzle came after Chris realized where they had been because of trade Utilizing the ancient inland 30, why the websites were

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