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Inspired to help form the general wellbeing of America, and even worldwide, author Christian Ross has taken it upon himself to create informative and life-changing guides and books to donate to the mass advancement in health problems of adults and children alike. People are striving for longer, fitter, and healthier lifestyles, but sometimes lack the insight necessary to make the appropriate decisions. Christian Ross is making it simpler one book at a time, fulfilling the population with motivation, knowledge, and guidance for a better tomorrow.

Produced in 1965, Christian Ross has been a respected writer and enthusiast for over two decades. He resides in Los Angeles, California where he enjoys the company of his wife, Michelle, and their four daughters. He also owns a horse farm and is extremely passionate about his hobby horseback riding and taking care of his Quarter horses. He hopes to expand his body of work beyond general health topics, and venture into writing about horse care and guidelines.

Specializing in weight loss, dieting, fitness, medication, psychological disorders, human body, and other general wellbeing, Ross is currently making his work available at very reasonable prices. His latest additions include "Fat in Children: A Weight Loss Guide for Parents and Their Children", "Stop Smoking - A Quitter's Guide", and "The Zoloft Treatment - A Guide to this Antidepressant Sertraline".

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