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Christine Avanti is a & #x 201c, a published weight loss writer and a swimsuit model;actress” nurse that spends nearly as much time on TV. She's a proponent of healthy food's power.

Inside her early 20’s she was a fitness teacher and a magazine cover version - a “gym queen” on top of the planet. But in her late 20’s, she suffered the loss of her dear Grandpa Luigi – her father figure. It was a devastating blow. She began eating everything in sight and became depressed. She ate nothing but ice cream for dinner, lunch and breakfast. She roasted, frosted and ate an entire German chocolate cake. In 6 short months she gained 30 lbs, obliterating her modeling career along with her social life. It was a lonely, very embarrassing time in her entire life.

Afterward she made a decision to drop the weight. However, it wasn’t easy. An endless stream of diets attempted, all eventually ending in collapse. It maddened. With her exercise comprehension she couldn’t shed the weight.

Somehow Christine stumbled upon the exact info that would change her life. She fulfilled a nutritionist who instructed dieting to quit and eat more. It worked, although it had been counter-intuitive! She KNEW then that it was her mission.

And that is EXACTLY what she has done. Christine has advised.

In 2009, Christine released her first book, Skinny Chicks Don’t Eat Salads with the planet’s leading health & wellness writer, Rodale. Christine has appeared Dancing With tons of other TV shows, Rachael Ray, Tyra, Fantastic Morning America and The Stars. She can be heard weekly on KLOVE radio that an

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