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Family Man, Veteran, Woodworker, Novice Boat Builder, Library Card Holder, Six Sigma Nerd and Lifelong Learner

Always trying to learn through studying and pursuing a different path than most. Through understanding customers, company, combined as ship building and woodworking make Christopher Spurgeon an intriguing man.

Inside his novels, Christopher provides the appropriate actions and resources to correctly enter certain niche trades. Unlike personal development manuals, his articles focuses on taking action together with the smallest sum of money possible. So instead of reading over-priced novels with solutions that are over-prices. Stay budget oriented reading comprehensive short-written niche books for all those of you who enjoy working with your hands on.

When not writing, Christopher likes to read, woodwork and learn more about the odd transactions of earth.

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Twitter: @C_D_Spurgeon
Instagram: @C_D_Spurgeon

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