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My parents called me Aisa (Aisha) – meaning a long comfy life. Boy were they wrong!
The war in my country pushed me out of my own homeland, although not without a struggle. On September 29th, 1995, after three years in a war zone, my son and I had been reunited with my husband and daughter at an airport in Dayton, Ohio. In age 45, with no English skills, it was a new beginning but not yet comfy. I had instructed my students back in Bosnia that understanding is permanent wealth. I didn't know that refugees should leave their knowledge together with their material possessions behind. Language was just a part of my struggle, there were cultural differences that shaped my life that is new .
My true passion is educating. I turned into a special education teacher in 2001. I believe I am very similar to my students with special needs because we have to both work hard to convey. My Bosnian fellows invited me to St. Louis on September 1st, 2007 to provide a speech to the Bosnian president, '' Mr. Komsic and his delegation. I began my speech, “The world has big and rich nations, but within our hearts that our Bosnia is the biggest and richest. ” We Bosnians cried.
I'm chairperson at Bosnian Community at Cincinnati. Every two months we have our gatherings where we talk about our food and talk in our speech about our struggles, accomplishments, our goals, and news from our homeland. We also pray together and ask God to grant us a good and prosperous life, to spread peace on the Earth, and also to help all individuals, particularly people that are forced to leave their homes.
Back in August 2010 I earned a Master's degree in teaching. That was yet another dip in my glass full of fantasies to compose a book. In July of 2012, my story, "My Last Teaching Day", was published in In September the Identical year, my story, "The School Bus Driver”, won first place in the competition: &

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