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New: Metamorph

The Targon Tales - Nova:
Sky Hunter
The Catalyst
Just Individual
Rebel Alliance
Delphi Promised

The Targon Tales - Sethran:
Quantum Tangle
Terminus Shift
Entropy's End

Sci-fi Fantasy:
Flight to Exile

Space Opera is individuals. There really is.

Space Studio has amazing space ships, fantastic planets, laser weapons and epic struggles. We’ve ever lost the idea our heroes have to use clothes, and that astronauts wear spandex suits and silver lipstick. They have technology and adventures and they fulfill with aliens and rescue the galaxy again and again.

However, when I look at the science fiction stories that have appealed to me the most, I find that they concentrate on the characters. Their plights, faults, idiosyncrasies are what give life to the background of space ships and planets. I suppose you could put Leia Han, Luke and Anakin in a contemporary setting right on the planet Earth and also the dynamics could still do the job. It’s still a enjoyable story with no lightsabers. However, maybe not the other way around. Without the characters’ story, a big chunk of Star Wars would lack considerable luster.

So this is the path I’ve taken with my stories. The complete freedom of escaping Earth’s gravity and also inventing stuff (always keeping within the world of chance, of course) is why I love science fiction. I am able to make it rain off if I need to. I think I do someplace.

But it’therefore the people in those tales—maybe not too alien, not too great, not necessarily satisfied with their lot or each other—that give significance to the germ rain and the space elevators. The individuals, for the most part people that are likable, are what turns out science fiction into space saver. (Well, and space guns. Must have space guns.)

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