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C.J. Farley was born in Kingston, Jamaica, increased in Brockport, N.Y., also graduated from Harvard University, although not always in this order. He's the author of the novels "Game World," "Kingston By Starlight," and "My Favourite War," and the nonfiction novels "Ahead of the Legend: The Rise of Bob Marley" and "Aaliyah: More Than a Woman," which was the foundation for the Lifetime TV movie "Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B." Farley co-wrote along with co-edited the book “The Blues” (Harper Collins) the companion volume to Martin Scorsese’s PBS documentary series along with his work on such job has enabled him to justifiably drop Scorsese's title into biographies like this one ever since. Farley’s short fiction has been featured in a number of anthologies including “The Vintage Book of War Fiction,” some survey of the greatest war stories of the last 100 decades, also “Kingston Noir,” a brief story set that came out from 2012. Farley was that the consulting producer on the acclaimed HBO documentary "Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown," but he wishes he'd just taken a writing charge since nobody quite understands what a consulting producer does. Farley is a former editor in the Harvard Lampoon's staff and he admires any unfunny pranks he may have pulled in his college years.

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