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I like writing about worlds much like ours where matters we believed fairytales and legends come true. Based on scientific research and mixing the magic with the real, I've created two very different worlds awaiting for you to discover them.

Boreal along with John Grey comes with a gritty modern day America where dangerous Colors roam the roads along with the elves are trying to rip through the Veil between the worlds and then attack humanity. Meet Ella, representative of the Paranormal Bureau, and the mystical Finn who'll do their best to block the invasion and keep us secure.

Meanwhile, why don't you go to the brutal world where Elei resides? In a world composed of seven islands in the middle of the ocean, the Gultur race principles. Parasites make new individual races, decimate towns and cities, killing the repressed mortals. Elei, a young aircar driver, leads a peaceful life until a mysterious attack on his boss sends him with a bullet on his side. Will he find answers and will those answers save him – his doomed universe?

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