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Very Best selling writer Cindy Jameson climbed up in Seattle, Washington's suburbs. She had been shy and also led a sheltered life until High School in which she obviously became sexually curious. After she got to college, she started experimenting with sex, and she discovered she enjoyed writing about her experiences. It wasn't long until she discovered that she had a knack for gender and also writing erotica.

Cindy has grown up now but still enjoys to write erotica about her adventures and her dreams too. She shares her fantasies and after that they construct the storyline.

"I just love to write erotica to simply take my own reader's minds off of their regular life and see exactly what it might be like on the crazy side. If you read ten of my novels, you can bet six or seven of them are based on something that actually happened to me, though maybe not exactly as I've portrayed it"

Cindy's concentrate on characters that are realistic has made her a fan favorite and best-selling author. "My characters do some crazy things, but once I write them, I want them to be true to your readers, even at a comprehensive dream situation."

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