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Christian H. Godefroy was born on October 25, 1948. His dad, from Paris, had been at the area. He, Christian discovered that everything could be repaired, that each problem has an answer. He was supplied by his mom with excellent studying is a way to learn and dream learning tools, and writing a means to explore your emotions - .

His dad considered criticism are the greatest type of cleverness, while his mother was very worried. At school, Christian's operation was considered quite poor -- he was the best in math and French (his native language).

Being very shy and miserable, but nevertheless sure that life had shortcuts to happiness, prosperity and freedom, Christian was fortunate to detect self-improvement very early in his life.
Leaving university to work in network marketing, he founded his own company -- a discount card -- that collapsed, and he wasted all his money.

He married, and had a first son, Cyril, at 1970. He also founded a training business. He taught public talking, self and mind dynamics. He took a keen interest in attending seminars. He hammered after a 4 years marriage.

In this time, he composed "Mind Power", his very first book, which sold 150,000 copies throughout the world
Then he started a publishing firm, and it is still active today, and it has published more than a hundred books. He initiated an yearly meeting of leaders that were self-evident, CORESPRIT, with million of visitors.

Throughout the time he married again and had another son, Tao, born in 1979.

After selling his very successful publishing firm in the conclusion of the nineties, he returned to writing. At this time, he also started this web site: "Positive-Club", that has jelped thousands of peo

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