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Christiane Agricola is a globetrotter. In ecological protection, she worked following her research in power - and process engineering but soon discovered that a life as a worker wasn’t compatible with her personality.
She switched into a self-employed nutrition and health coach. As a very young age she had obtained a vivid interest in nutrition and weight management. Her training includes not only lifestyle but also nutrition, goal-setting and self love.
After mentoring countless mates in direct marketing and network marketing, she believes in the critical value of private development. However, she felt that there was a demand for new and entertaining books, based on the knowledge of the ancients, and exciting to read by everybody.

Christiane has traveled all over Europe, handed two weeks from the northeast region, also visited Africa, North, Central, and South America. Throughout her life, she had relocated to areas such as Greece, France, Argentina, and Paraguay.

She’s a proud mom of 2 twin cats plus a magical greyhound lady.

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