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My name is Christopher S. Penn.. I’m bridge. I stand between distinct disciplines, professions, and ideas so as to assist individuals on both sides understand each other. I am able to talk and sling code, but I’m not the IT professional. I can design campaign plans and write duplicate, but that I’m not a marketing specialist. Where I supply value is in assisting IT understand marketing and vice versa. The same is true for your martial arts, for education, for each one the different worlds I work and play in. I play World of Warcraft, however, take the lessons from a digital battlefield and apply them to industry. I take solutions from the dojo floor and bring them to advertising.

The net impact of this is that fresh thoughts, insights, and solutions are not far away since I could have a problem in one world, start looking for a similar problem with a solution in a different world, and find solutions when “pristine professionals” at just one planet get trapped. That’s who I am, this’s exactly what I do.

I’m the Vice President of Strategy and Innovation in Blue Sky Factory email marketing, a co-founder of PodCamp with Chris Brogan, a part of the Marketing Over Coffee marketing podcast using John Wall, a professor of Internet Marketing and direct subject matter expert, program designer, and also professor of Advanced Social Media at the University of San Francisco online. I’ve been a practitioner of the martial arts for 20 decades now, and currently hold a black belt in ninjutsu under the guidance of Sensei Mark Davis of the Boston Martial Arts Center.

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