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Holiday rental properties are seldom big moneymakers to their owners; much more frequently than not, they#x2019;re a cash pit. So when Christine Karpinski found you could earn money with holiday homes, she understood she needed to share her knowledge with other people. For nearly fifteen years, she has done just that at her conferences with tens of tens of thousands of owners. From helping someone purchase their own first property to coaching a complete group of workers for a owner of nearly 200 properties to anybody between, Christine’s conventions have shifted holiday property ownership into a profitable investment.

Shortly after moving to Atlanta in 1996, Christine moved to Destin, Florida in which she fell in love with the beaches and dreamed of owning a vacation property. However there was one problem: the small one and two-bedroom condos were pricier than she understood, costing more than their home in Atlanta. Christine even contemplated rental income, but just couldn’t even seem to make the numbers work. For most of us, this is the place where the dream ends.

Being determined, Christine didn’t give up and recognized the only factor that could earn a vacation property on the beach possible was eliminating property management commissions (which are normally 20-50 percent of the rental income). From there she began researching “leasing by owner”. And yes, she did wind up buying that dream house on the beach and also had positive cash flow from day one!

Hearing of Christine’so achievement, additional owners wanted to know why she had so a lot more reservations than they did and created twice as much cash! Fellow owners were curious that she had damage by guests and she wasn’t even paying commission to the management firm.

Clearly, Christine had figured out how to profitably handle holiday rentals, so she started establishing seminars to teach other owners. Now Christine has become one

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