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Christopher David Petersen (1963 - 20??) . Born and raised in Connecticut. As a kid, I was daring and reckless. Never one to let common sense stand in the way of a fantastic experience, my daring feats of stupidity were mythical... Huckleberry Finn would have been pleased.

"Astonishingly", the exact same soul carried over into adulthood, as I sought out amusement that included: scuba diving; ski Mountaineering; mountain biking; Rock, Ice and Mountain rising; flying planes; golf, bikes, the stock exchange and needless to say, experimentation with assorted alcoholic refreshments.

Later in your life, composing became an expansion of my deep desire to experience "new and fascinating worlds". I have written several novels, but I've been printed through any formal stations... I've discovered the process is long, painful and laborious, the idea of which sickens me. My foray into e-publishing came after a friend suggested my functions could bring dollars rather than dust inside my badge... a righteous monitoring. My recent books are the consequence of this advice. Novels are to be published.

An engineer by trade, I've worked all around the U.S. and typically write in my spare time... that's when I'm not enjoying a bottle of Scotch and a excellent cigar. I'm a naturally long-winded individual, therefore writing is what happens when I can not get anybody to hear me anymore...

I love all sorts of genres but gravitate more towards humor. There is not anything like the build up to a fantastic climax... What a rush!

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