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I was born in...well, a while back. I spent the majority of my early years growing up in my Grandad's farm in Donegal, Ireland. The farm was in the middle of nowhere, the nearest town on 10 miles away down a country course.
We did not have running water, so each morning old Willie Lyons would get on his bicycle, with a bucket on each handlebar as he rode up the mountain to fill them from the spring. Not a tap, a genuine genuine mountain spring.
Growing up, I spent every summer there, exploring the nearby countryside. Even back then I used to envision faeries and monsters, using the trolls constantly living under the bridge on the way up to the spring. Willie was getting old now, so I fetched the water.
My Grandad is long gone today, however, the farm is still there. I still know the owners and I still take my kids out there from time to time. The roads haven't got much better, but it's well worth it to roam the old areas again, and show them where I played as a boy.
My first 'proper' job was as an apprentice, constructing aircraft using a company called Shorts Brothers in Belfast. Then I went on to join the Royal Air Force. I always joke that my first job was constructing planes, but my second was shooting them down.
I traveled a fair bit with the RAF, but today I'm back on civvy street, living in Belfast, Northern Ireland, together with my partner, two girls and a puppy.
I started writing when my youngest daughter informed me that she had been getting too old for bedtime stories. You see, I'd been making up a different one each night for both of them for decades. I was ruined. What was I to do with all this nonsense in my mind?
So I began to write.
'Souls of the Never' is the very first book in a series that I call 'Tales of this Neverwar', however I've gone on to compose 'Origins of this Never', a novella prequel into Souls. Novel Two, all the Never is performed, and I'm currently working on book three, War of the Never.

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