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Clark Hays is a award-winning writer, whiskey enthusiast and ex-poet, lapsed cowboy who lives in Portland, Oregon. He has written five novels (so far) using his longtime lifetime, composing and backgammon spouse, Kathleen McFall.

Their books include:

* Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road (the first book in their own exciting new series)

The Cowboy and the Vampire Collection:
* A Very Unusual Romance
Vampire Blood and Whiskey
* Rough Trails and Shallow Graves
* The Last Sunset (silver medalist, 2017 Independent Publisher National Book Prizes)

Clark has also composed one set of Western Gothic short stories (that Kathleen, mercifully, edited):

* Just West of Hell

Connect with Clark and also find out more about the newest series -- and each of their novels -- and what it is like to compose with the person you like at, and @cowboyvampire on Instagram.

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