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Chris-Rachael Oseland is an independent writer based in Austin, Texas. She's the tech and geek life reporter for The Austin Post. By night, she subjects her minions to culinary experiments, dons her apron and monocle, and moans at the base of an extinct volcano.

You're able to enjoy her wibbly wobbly journey through time and space in Dining With The Doctor: The Unauthorzied Whovian Cookbook. In case the future is too frightening, it is possible to alternately drink into 19th century fashion oblivion using SteamDrunks: 101 Steampunk Cocktails and Mixed Drinks. People who think life is a game can have a look at her latest book The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook.

In case you can't wait for her forthcoming geek cookbooks, stop by her cooking site, Kitchen Overlord, to get each week illustrated geek recipes, food pornography, and sneak peeks at upcoming geektastic jobs.

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