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ClearlyLED brand products utilize breakthrough filament LED lighting technologies to make lighting that's the very energy efficient, eye-pleasing, light weight, renewable and affordable available today. ClearlyLED is your present and future of light for homes and businesses.    

Our light bulbs use the most advanced lighting design breakthrough because electrical lighting has been devised, filament LED engineering.     Rather than heating metal or Smaller diodes, we've devised and innovative LED filament technology.     LED filaments Utilize a thin elongated layout.     Because of this design and the special substances used to make the LED filament, not as much power is required to create lumens of warm amazing light. This ends in bulbs which use around 90 percent less energy than a comparable incandescent bulbs, as well as 60% less than current CFL and LED bulbs technologies.  

Switch one on and you're able to feel the difference.   Our bulbs are so efficient you are able to hold one in your hands whenever it's lit!  

ClearlyLED has 2 products available for sale in the category of Tools & Home Improvement.

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