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Cliff Ball resides in Texas, born in Arizona, is a Christian and can be Baptist. Has 2 BA's, and also a Certificate in Technical Communications in the University of North Texas. Has published over fourteen books(as of October 2015) and four short tales. Won next in high school for a short story written in Creative Writing course for a young adult magazine.

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The End Times Saga (Christian end times):
Times of Turmoil (2013)
Times of Trouble (2012)
Times of Trial (2012)
Jon Ryan (2013)
Xavier Doolittle (2013)
Times of Rebellion (previously Timothy Phillips)(2013)
Times of Destruction (2014)
Times of Judgment - (2014)
Times of Tribulation - (2014)

An American Journey Series (Christian Historical Fiction)
The Long Journey (2015)
A House Divided (whenever it has composed)

Perilous Times Series (Christian ending times)
The Falling Away (2015)
The Terrific Deception (2016)
The Great Tribulation (2016)

Out of Time - Time Travel (2008)
Don't Mess With Earth - alt history (2009 - no more accessible)
The Usurper - political thriller (2010 - no more accessible)
Shattered Earth -alternative history/fantasy/scifi (2010)
Voyager along with the Aliens (short story) -sci-fi (2011)
Dust Storm (short story) -american (2011)
Past the New Frontier (sci-fi, alternative history, time travel) - combo of New Frontier & Final Frontier (2012)

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