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Dad to Al to those who know him those of us that love him, I am one of six kids and he has six grandchildren. Dad was a Union Electrician for over 40 years. He taught from the neighborhood Apprenticeship program for five years. In addition, he taught college level classes. Dad has several patents pending also is an old fashioned inventor. Where he created over 200 systems for major companies all over the world, he began a panel design and manufacturing company. Dad has traveled the globe as a International Computer consultant spending some time in Europe, the Caribbean and four and a half a year in Asia. He has developed and programmed software packages including “The Intuitive Technologies Digital Data #x201d & Management Suite;. Presently he's writing two new books for electricians on other energy and developing Smartphone applications for AppsDev L.L.C. Dad has a passion for photography, nature and global cooking.

Loving Daughter
Barbara Ann Cutter

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