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Coach Rob has devoted his lifetime to the pursuit of controlling physical civilization. He is product formulator, a former power-lifter author, radio personality and sought covering a broad selection of topics in the field.

Rob lives his coaching daily, exactly like you. At almost 45 decades old, he could be found doing 1 arm pushups and training hard in the gym. And having an eye for RESULTS this lifestyle is taken by him seriously, like you. In the end, RESULTS are what matter. Find out from his hard gained knowledge and wisdom.

- He is the author of the Blueprint Series Books (The Blueprint 2.0, 3.0 and The Blueprint Meteoric)

- He's a weekly contributor to Super Human Radio. His show airs every Tuesday at 12 noon, Eastern Time. &;#x201c;The Blueprint Power Hour” has been a show dedicated to answering listener questions on diet training, supplementation and more.

He is the writer of “The Blueprint Bulletin”, a monthly newsletter dedicated to all things actual culture.

He's the formulator of Progenadrex, Mass Guru Synthagen and Tranquilogen, quality supplements made to accelerate muscle growth, fat reduction and encourage anti-aging and longevity.

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