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Clayton is a personal finance expert specializing in minimalism – the impression that outsourcing that the greatest stresses in life result in better performance across each other area of life, such as money to technology and automation.

Standing at the intersection of life and money, Clayton has built a reputation in the personal finance space as an innovator through his job with XY Adviser, building a distinctive financial services company, talking and authoring the book Fund Your Ideal Lifestyle.

Clayton spent ten years of his company career in accounting and financial information. As personal finance Clayton recognized a gap between what could be provided through fiscal planning, and in attaining what they wanted from life what really helped people succeed.

Clayton grew up in a sleepy coastal town where there was never much money floating around, and constantly believed if money was complex, there might have been more to talk around. This passion to comprehend and simplify cash led him down the trail of personal finance. After operating in the personal finance area for a decade, Clayton discovered three persistent problems across all demographics:
1. Not enough time
2. Not discovering new adventures
3. Not holding on to sufficient money
These problems boiled down to one thing: people are wasting their life.

Together with the passion to simplify money, and the capacity to execute special service offerings within his own business, Clayton made a service to take on the wages of clients, pay their accounts, and ensure there was more money to go traveling with each and every year – while simultaneously establishing an asset base for later in life. What Clayton didn’t even was the greater they do in every part of their own lives.

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