CLICKco makes two, high quality, best-selling, java protein line of products, CLICK and CLICK Active! What easier way to get to the nourishment and protein you need for weight loss control or to encourage an active lifestyle than via a drink you love - java!      

CLICK is a all-in-one, low calorie, coffee protein meal replacement beverage designed to boost your energy, curb your appetite, and encourage fat burning. With an amazing, "wow" coffee-house flavor, CLICK is one of the very few protein drinks which may be made hot as well as iced or blended. Perfect as breakfast meal substitute or mid afternoon, pick-me-up snack, CLICK stipulates a double-shot of premium-grade espresso coffee - not coffee flavor, or synthetic caffeine, durable protein along with 23 essential minerals and vitamins in every serving!

CLICK Lively is a functioning nutrition, all-purpose, coffee protein powder. CLICK Active provides the nourishment and nutritional supplement support required to take your exercise to another level! CLICK Active comprises 25 g of the Most Truly Effective protein - Whey Isolate/ Micellar Casein, BCAA's, Glutamine and CLICK's signature double-shot of java coffee - ALL-IN-ONE!     CLICK Active comes in a    larger, 21-serving canister.

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CLICK ®, is the brainchild of life-long physical fitness buffs and entrepreneur bunch, Greg and Beth Smith. CLICK (klik) means to triumph, connect, match nicely together, and from its definition, induce people to reach their potential for a triumph in health and in existence. The Smith's created CLICK out from their passion to assist other's achieve their healthful living potential.     We invite you to join the CLICK Community on social websites to hear from the thousands of CLICK lovers That Are sharing their health, weight-loss and Exercise successes and We'd like to hear from you too!     You may also Find out More about CLICK along with the CLICK Commun

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