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Clifford A. Pickover received his Ph.D. from Yale University and is the author of over 30 publications on such subjects as computers and creativity, art, mathematics, black holes, religion, human behavior and intelligence, time travel, alien life, and science fiction.

Pickover is a prolific inventor with dozens of patents, is the associate editor for several journals, the writer of vibrant mystery calendars, and puzzle contributor to magazines geared to kids and grownups.

WIRED magazine writes, "Bucky Fuller thought big, Arthur C. Clarke thinks big, but Cliff Pickover outdoes them both." According to The Los Angeles Times, "Pickover has published nearly a book per year in which he stretches the boundaries of computers, thought and art."
The Christian Science Monitor writes, "Pickover inspires a new generation of da Vincis to develop unfamiliar flying machines and make fresh Mona Lisas." Pickover's computer graphics are featured on the cover of several popular magazines and on TV shows.

His web site, Pickover.Com, has obtained millions of visits. His Website RealityCarnival.Com is one of the most well-known sites.

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