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Hi there, my name is Clive Maxfield, but everyone calls me "Max" (the name of each dog and every robot in each science fiction film ever made). This is sort of a family nickname; my dad, aunt, little 'bro, etc are called "Max" (this can result in somewhat convoluted after-dinner conversations).

Once I was younger, I was interested in Art and Engineering; at one point I had been seriously contemplating going to art college, but my mom told me that not many artists left much cash, so that I became an engineer specializing in computers and electronics. And then, while I was not looking, I inadvertently turned into a writer. Do not ask me how; it started with a single journal article, and finished up with seven novels and composing as a fulltime occupation (in the day) and as a hobby (in the evenings).

My current fire (besides my spouse, obviously) is my own recently released book "How Computers Do Math" (which I co-authored with my buddy, Alvin Brown). This little scamp is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing a virtual computer/calculator called the DIY Calculator. The book walks the reader through a run of incremental interactive labs, that wind up with the invention of a simple four-function (add, subtract, multiply, and divide) calculator program (written in our easy assembly language) that produces the DIY Calculator ... well, calculate (you may read on our site at

Last but not least, my own idea of a great time is having a BBQ and hanging out with family members and friends.

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