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Al Ulrich is a Blogger, Entrepreneur and Marketer. He enjoys speaking to himself in the third person in writing like this About the Writer segment and is a self-proclaimed nerd.
He launched his very first website in 2009 and has a passion for assisting others avoid the very same mistakes he made on his own self-taught journey to the world of sites (not to be confused with all the World of Warcraft, a sport popular among his nerd partners).
Al includes a Master of Business Administration degree and decades of experience in marketing and managing websites for a Fortune 500 business. His composing style is more straight-to-the-point and informative, with sarcastic remark, the occasional witty anecdote or rambling that is odd mixed in.
He Thank you for reading his own books and hopes you enjoy them. I know that he appreciates it (spoiler alert), because I am the writer.

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