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Manager Key- Override, Discover and Rest Code!

Retail showcase locks come with keys and a common problem with people and high employee turnover.     Together with the Combi-Ratchet, change your codes as frequently as you'd like and if the worker quits or forgets their combination, populate the lock and set it to a brand new combination!


  • 3 dial locking platform    
  • 1,000 potential combinations  
  • Extremely tight clearances  
  • Master crucial access  
  • Pick watertight dials  


  • Keyless Security - The Combi-Ratchet offers freedom from the annoyance of keys. Because you are able to modify the code at any moment on the locks the code can be shared by you without fear.

  • Three Dial Locking System - The Combi-Ratchet employs a three dial locking system that's easy to use without sacrificing security. To open the mix ratchet locks, just enter your code and slide the lock onto the ratchet lock bar. To lock the Combi-Ratchet, slide twist the dials into a set of numbers and the lock shut.

  • Quick Combination Change - it's simple to change the combination of the Combi-Ratchet. Three simple steps are all it takes to Choose a new code from the 1,000 combinations that are possible.     To change the mix locks have it onto the combination, twist the switch screw, and change to the combination. It is that easy!  

  • Two Convenient Access Modes - The combination ratchet provides keyless convenience together with the option of master essential access too.   Employee forgets their mix?   No problem.   The ratchet loc

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