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We've got years of experience and work jointly with the largest technology companies, our associates and our clients to create innovative, well-designed, higher quality security and display solutions to complement the full capabilities of your computer devices.  

At each level of computer hardware installation, physical and anti-theft solutions are an absolute requirement. Compulocks Brands Inc. is committed to supplying the highest quality of design and security leading to unparalleled customer satisfaction and security.

It is our full assortment of security and screen solutions -- including iPad locks, iPad kiosks, Galaxy Tablet locks, Galaxy Tablet  Stands, cost and sync carts -- which makes Compulocks Brands Inc. the initial option for corporate accounts, educational institutions, state and national government agencies, wholesalers and distributors worldwide.

Compulocks has 32 products available for sale in the category of Computers & Accessories.

Compulocks is rated 8 out of 10 based on 184 reviews.

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Maclocks Armored Premium Tempered DGSSRFP530 product image


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Maclocks Bracket MacBook 11 Inch MBA11BRW product image


Maclocks Enclosure Rotation Surface 303B518GEB product image


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Maclocks Space Enclosure Mount 235SMENW product image


Maclocks Bracket 7 3 8 3 Tablets 174SCLG6 9S product image


Maclocks Space Enclosure Swing 827B235SMENB product image


Maclocks Jacket Enclosure Silver 202ENS product image


Maclocks Apple Security Enclosure ATVEN73 product image


Maclocks Space Enclosure Swing 827W224SENW product image


Maclocks Security Adapter MacBook MBPRLDGZ01KL product image