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Although I'd always been an on-again journal writer, I never envisioned actually writing a book. However, when I was forty-five, I was caught by a Writing Muse by the scruff of the neck and wouldn't let me move no matter how far I resisted. And withstand I did! Without avail... My first novel, The Courage To Be Yourself, appeared to get a mind of its own and would not allow me to rest until I'd completely committed to writing it. By the time a fire for composing had taken root in my heart. With had a private psychotherapy practice for many decades, writing about issues much like those by felt organic.

With the invaluable help of my husband, Gene, I have been incredibly blessed by writing and the relationships and experiences which have come from it.

We all plays many roles, and functions in various arenas, throughout a lifetime. Below are a number of the job I have done and a number of roles I have played.

Wife, divorcee, wife again ... nevertheless "wife again"
Mother, single mother, stepmom ... after a mother of any sort, always a mom
Grandmother, mentor ... adore these characters
Myriad acting roles in community theatre

Public/keynote speaker
Seminar/group/retreat Leader
Hospice chaplain, coach and counselor
Manager of a counselling centre
High school and adult education teacher

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