The Best Bamboo Cutting Board Greener - September 2021

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Best Value
Wood Bamboo Cutting Board Set of 3 3 PIECE PREMIUM VALUE PACK 1 XL Extra Large 1 Medium 1 Small product image


Greener Chef EXTRA LARGE Multipurpose Housewarming product image


Based Cutting Board Butcher Block product image


Top Choice Best Seller
Greener Chef Small Cutting Board for Kitchen 12 x 9 Inches Perfect for Smaller Jobs Bamboo Small product image


24 x 18 Inch XXL Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board for Turkey Largest Commercial Kitchen Wood product image


Bamboo Cutting Board Cheese Housewarming product image


Organic Bamboo Cutting Groove 3 Piece product image


Bayes High Performance Mineral Conditioner Protectant product image


Organic Cutting Chopping Vegetables Antibacterial product image


Bamboo Large Meat Carving Board product image

Top Bamboo Cutting Board Greener Brands

Greener Chef

And we imply miniature. Greener Chef is just a husband-and-wife team.  
We (Brent + Laura) pour our entire lives into our lil' household biz...
for us, it's sink or swim! We don't have lofty dreams, we just expect this 
biz can  maintain  a simple, joyful, healthy lifestyle for us + our brand new son, Max.      

Like all you fine friends, we're to cleaner, greener living... and food!   We're constantly obsessing over  hehe, 
err, we mean searching for  healthy goods and kitchenware that respects our own bodies + the earth.   However,
occasionally, when   you need things done correctly, you have to do them yourself?   Voila!  Greener Chef was born.

Um, well, okay. So maybe it didn't go precisely  like this. However, we did have a large threat. We did banish our corporate projects.
We did dive our hearts,   heads + palms into our new.  And we promise we are gonna keep that up.

We're extremely thankful for our beautiful, encouraging clients who feel like friends.   So thank you. Seriously. 

Thanks.     ❤ ❤ ❤   
- Laura + Brent (and Max!) 

P.s. we had looove to satisfy you and get you with us in our daily, uncensored family-preneur lifestyle, meals + experiences  
on Facebook (@greenerchef)  and also Instagram (@greener_chef) each the hyperlinks at the top of this page!

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Freshware Inc. was Set up in 2010 at Los Angeles, California. We began as a group of professionals who worked tirelessly to design and construct the type of kitchen items we wanted to use but could not locate in the marketplace. We began with our 100% pure, premium quality food-grade silicone bakeware that is one of the sole BPA, PVC, and Phthalates free molds which fulfill both US and European FDA/LFGB security criteria. Here is the foundation of what Freshware strives to provide; rugged, quality products which are secure and easy for our clients to use. We've got great customers who use our products daily to prepare, cook, style, bake, serve, and share their creations together with loved ones. It was just their passion and involvement that's enabled us to grow and expand our product lines. Freshware's goal is to give a premier line of superior kitchenware, silicone bakeware, cookware, utensils, and tools which are all ergonomically designed to simplify cooking lifestyle and improve your culinary skills. We work hard to supply the same 100% satisfaction warranty in all of our merchandise, support, and service to our clients.

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What tree can grow 12 inches in a day? How do there be a tree transformed into a solid wood dining table leg?   How about a 2" thick desk top?   Bamboo itself is a topic of discussion.   Furniture created from bamboo is.   As our standard hardwoods are still deplete, Bamboo will develop into the wood supply for furniture in the subsequent ten years.     Bamboogle made a collection of pubs to receive our foot in the door and realized this in 2009. Our focus is clean styling , high quality and mindfulness. The bamboo grain is linear and easy that is partly why we design our furniture with clean lines. The touch of each bamboo stalk is its own 'knuckles', or nodes that split the segments. These nodes replicate and appear in bamboo furniture roughly each ten to half an hour, just as they do to the shrub. They are a signature that implies sustainability on Earth along with the birthmarks of this wood species.

Buy Bamboo & Breathe Better.

Both the sustainability movement is supported by bamboo products and encourages manufacturers like Bamboogle to keep producing commodities.

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