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Meinl Percussion FJS2S BK Players Tambourine product image


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Top Bass Harmonica Brands

Meinl Percussion

Over the previous 25 years we've made a particular portfolio to coincide with the wide range of our customers. Today we are proud to provide a wide assortment of top excellent percussion instruments for gamers all over the world regardless of age, enjoying abilities, or economic background. A wide assortment of colours, a well thought out assortment and trend setting ideas is exactly what MEINL percussion stands for.

Since our creation, our main objective has been to offer percussion instruments which comply with all the maximum quality levels regarding production and materials used. Only by committing to the highest criteria can we guarantee excellent tools, the maximum of playing relaxation, the best possible sounds, and long-lasting customer satisfaction.

As a modern and innovative business, MEINL has never been satisfied with the status quo. By talking and listening to the folks that perform, we have developed many new and improved percussion instruments. Original MEINL creations such as the Free Ride System for Bongos (Automated), even the Floatune® Tuning System for Timbales and Djembes (patented), the groundbreaking STEELY II Conga and Djembe Stands (trademarked), along with the Professional Conga and Bongo Stands (patented) demonstrate that our leading position in Research and Development operate and establish the standard in the percussion world.

Our perception of what it means to be a global player tells us not to quantify success in sales just; it is also in the way we reach it. As a family owned and managed business, we conduct business with ethics by valuing our employees, customers, artists, and also the environment around us. We firmly observe the CITES-regulations put forth at the "Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora" and only use wood from environmentally controlled woods or industrial timber plantations.

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