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Battle Sports Science Turf Tape 1 White OS product image


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Battle Zone Caution Tape 20 ft product image


Polygon Battle Tapes product image


Battle Book Warfare Duct Tape product image


hampton adams mc WRAP tape product image


Mueller Strips Elbow Inch 24 Count product image


BSN Medical Cover Roll%C3%82 Stretch YRDS product image


McDavid Protective Padded Performance Black product image


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Premium Athletic Sports Tape Easy Tear Very Strong Best Cotton Medical Tape No Sticky Residue product image


Caution Barricade Visibility Readability Resistant product image

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Battle Sports Science

The joy of victory and the agony of defeat. At Battle Sports Science, we know that the feeling. Weekend musicians that are now enthusiastic and former athletes, we consider the rush derived  as Jim McKay so beautifully articulated from the opening credits of ABC's Wide World of Sports is like things on the planet.

We all know all too the distress which sports injuries can bring.     Together, we've experienced significant accidents and know the fear and frustration it can have on an individual participant and her or his family. It is what prompted us to begin Battle Sports Science at 2009. We had been hard at work. Then and now, the goal stays the same to make products but also to make innovative products that tackle the day sports security challenges.  

Battle Sports Science combines cutting-edge science to provide on these goals. Obviously, that competitive spirit that is old is quickly at work in what we do. Everyday is pushed our efforts and criteria by offering our best to be the best. The result is something we are pleased with, some of the best sports safety gear everywhere.  

We count ourselves lucky to do what we do for the games we all treasure. Our promise is identical for those who perform to the love of the game and those who play to produce a continue to push the envelope to make sports more powerful in the days to come.

Battle Sports Science The highest standard of sports security

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