The Best Bdsms Books - February 2020

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Top Bdsms Books Brands

Trisha Wolfe

From a young age, Trisha Wolfe dreamed up fantasy characters and worlds and has been accused of speaking to himself. Now, she lives in South Carolina with her loved ones and writes entire time, together with her dream worlds as a excuse to continue speaking to herself.

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Brooke Ravenwood

Brooke Ravenwood is a real romantic who enjoys reading books in the new adult genre, loves her Kindle and viewing her favorite reality TV shows.

She had been born in Oklahoma, raised in Texas and started writing at age 6. She is a dedicated wife and mother of a amazing second tier boy.

Brooke enjoys animals and would like to begin an animal adoption and rescue service.

She is the writer of The Billionaire's Toys, her very first set of books.

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LK Shaw

LK Shaw is a physical therapist assistant by day and writer/social media addict by night. She resides in South Carolina with her high-quality beagle mix puppy, Miss P, that should probably only have her very own Instagram account. An avid reader since childhood, she became hooked on historical romance books at high school. It wasn’t until over the previous seven or eight years she's tried her hand in contemporary romances. Some of the favorite historical romance writers comprise Christi Caldwell, Courtney Milan, Mary Balogh, along with Tessa Dare. Some of her favorite contemporary romance authors comprise Julia Sykes, Ella Dominguez, Skye Callahan, along with Meghan March.

She originally started writing in November 2015 as a part of National Novel Writing Month, when, unexpectedly, the story became something more than simply writing on a whim. The vision to your story snowballed and, before she knew it, she began taking steps prior to publishing. Each publication in her very first show features Romantic Suspense and BDSM combined.

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Sosie Frost

Sosie Frost is no stranger to quirky, embarrassing, and wild conditions, and she is channeling all that new mature angst into fun romances!

From marching in the high school homecoming game with no trumpet (a punishment for forgetting the instrument to the band bus), to accidentally tucking her prom gown into the back of her tights prior to pictures, as well as accidentally starting a chemical fire at the college chem laboratory, Sosie has got the market cornered on mad stories.

But hey, writing is a much better outlet than therapy right? ;-RRB-

If you want funny, enchanting, and steamy romances, you've found the perfect author!

Sosie resides in Pittsburgh with her hubby, both cats, and also thrives on a near constant stream of gummy bears.

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Lana Grayson

Lana Grayson was born to write everything and anything to do with love. Her favourite genres range in the dark and twisty to the lighthearted and sentimental—so long as the characters are unforgettable, the story is more fun, and the love is unkind. Lana lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, also, if she isn’t fit in her writing seat, she’s most likely cheering on the Steelers or searching for your ‘Burgh’s finest Italian restaurants.

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Red Phoenix

USA Today Bestselling Author

Red Phoenix, USA Today Bestselling author, has received many awards for her original romances. If she’s not even writing, there are her online socializing with fans.
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"I heart my lovers!"

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"I am a happily married woman that thinks, based on personal experience, that love conquers all. It is a running theme in my writing. I like romance and I love good sex. It is a healthful combination in real life. My novels concentrate on the lust and love shared with couples." ~Red

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Red Phoenix is the author of:

Brie's Submission Reading Order
* Available in eBook, music book and paperback

Brie's Entry Reading Order

Book 1: Teach Me
Novel 2: Love Me
Book 3: Grab Me
Novel 4: Try Me
Book 5: Shield Me
Book 6: Hold Me
Book 7: Surprise Me
Novel 8: Trust Me
Book 9: Claim Me
Book 10: Enchant Me

~~Additional Books By Red~~

Blissfully Undone
*Snowy Fun—2 individuals locate themselves snowbound in a cabin where hidden love may flourish, taking one couple to a sensual journey into ménage à trois

His Scottish Pet: Dom of the Ages
*Scottish Dom—A sexy Dom flows to Scotland from the late 1400s. He encounters a waif with the potential to free him from his awful curse

The Erotic Love Story of Amy and Troy
DecisionSexual Adventures—Authentic love reigns, but fate always throws Troy and Amy into the arms of others

Varick: The Reckoning
*Savory Vampire—A moody, sexy vampire narrative. The protagonist awakens the dangerous world he has bee

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Phil G.

As a young man from the pre-internet age I experienced Dom/sub erotic fantasies that I now know were of a BDSM character. Frankly because of these sexual fantasies I had been concerned that I might have some psychological problems, or even be "unbalanced". Then one night I discovered a woman that wanted me to spank her! Wow! I then discovered more women that enjoyed the male to pursue a more sexually dominant sexual function together. Certainly there were a lot more people out there having these Dominant/submissive dreams than society has been letting on! Then came the Internet and thankfully BDSM really came out of the cupboard.

My personal experiences with BDSM dates back to the 70s and I've now written over 100 BDSM and gender manual publications. I retained my BDSM associated understanding, adventures and fantasies and am grateful to have the ability to share them with you in what has progressively become a lot larger market.

Listed below are some of my books:

*BDSM Master/slave Contract
*The Absolutely Essential Book of BDSM and S&M Rules
*Things To Do Throughout 3 Hours of Sex; A Step-by-step Guide
*Dramatic Weight Loss Using BDSM
*Playtime In The Dom Den; A Step-by-step Guide
*The Absolutely Essential Guide to Great BDSM and S&M Sex
*The Absolutely Crucial Dominant/submissive Playtime Expertise
*The Absolutely Crucial BDSM Sexual Experience
*The Supreme Collection of S&M and BDSM Rules For Female Submissives and Slaves
*Professional and submissive or slave BDSM Contract
*Have Awesome BDSM Gender
*Spanking Dictionary
*Spanking Contract
*BDSM Rules
*Bed Arrest, the Punishment for BDSM Enthusiasts

Thank you for stopping by!

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