The Best Bdsms Kindle - April 2020

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Takeover Complete Lana Grayson ebook product image


House Pain BDSM Romance Novel ebook product image


While They Watch Sosie Frost ebook product image


Everything BDSM Abbey Pointer ebook product image


Marriage Games Turn Bedroom Dungeon ebook product image


Come Monday Wild Irish Book ebook product image


Best Seller
Billionaires Toys Book One Room ebook product image


Chosen Boss Charlotte Wilde ebook product image


Possessed Lord Cartwright Celia Strapp ebook product image


Cuff Me Romance Cate Bellerose ebook product image

Top Bdsms Kindle Brands

CA Quigg

CA Quigg is currently Callie Quigg's steamier pen name. Romance stories were detected by Callie in her teenagers and then devoured every book. Because of this, she spent years dreaming about movie celebrities, billionaires, and aristocrats whisking her away. Those fantasies #x 2019 didn &;t even come true. But #x 2019 & she;s pleased to say her own hero swept her off her toes and showed up.

When not writing unkind tales about sassy heroines finding Mr. Right, she could be seen watching trashy TV, drinking inexpensive bottles of wine, and drinking copious quantities of Cadbury's chocolate.

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Brooke Ravenwood

Brooke Ravenwood is a real romantic who enjoys reading books in the new adult genre, loves her Kindle and viewing her favorite reality TV shows.

She had been born in Oklahoma, raised in Texas and started writing at age 6. She is a dedicated wife and mother of a amazing second tier boy.

Brooke enjoys animals and would like to begin an animal adoption and rescue service.

She is the writer of The Billionaire's Toys, her very first set of books.

For more information visit her site

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Sosie Frost

Sosie Frost is no stranger to quirky, embarrassing, and wild conditions, and she is channeling all that new mature angst into fun romances!

From marching in the high school homecoming game with no trumpet (a punishment for forgetting the instrument to the band bus), to accidentally tucking her prom gown into the back of her tights prior to pictures, as well as accidentally starting a chemical fire at the college chem laboratory, Sosie has got the market cornered on mad stories.

But hey, writing is a much better outlet than therapy right? ;-RRB-

If you want funny, enchanting, and steamy romances, you've found the perfect author!

Sosie resides in Pittsburgh with her hubby, both cats, and also thrives on a near constant stream of gummy bears.

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Lana Grayson

Lana Grayson was born to write everything and anything to do with love. Her favourite genres range in the dark and twisty to the lighthearted and sentimental—so long as the characters are unforgettable, the story is more fun, and the love is unkind. Lana lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, also, if she isn’t fit in her writing seat, she’s most likely cheering on the Steelers or searching for your ‘Burgh’s finest Italian restaurants.

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