The Best Beach Reads 2015 - December 2020

Based on the analysis of 496 reviews.

Top Beach Reads 2015 Brands

Teagan Kade


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Teagan Kade believes talking about yourself in the next person is idiotic, just like her collection of snow globes and infrequent manga. When she's not being ridiculous, she's hanging out with two children and her very own Storm in the south of Australia, dreaming of personalities and torturous ways they could put themselves into trouble. Teagan loves hearing from her readers, all of whom are dear to her heart since salted caramel biscuits. Take her an email at: She does not bite.

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Burton G. Malkiel

Burton G. Malkiel is the Chemical Bank Chairman's Professor of Economics at Princeton University. His novels include "From Wall Street to the Great Wall," "Naked Economics," "The Random Walk Guide to Investing," along with the mega-bestseller "A Random Walk Down Wall Street."

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