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The Manskape Co

The Manskape Companies foundation was constructed about being different. Thats why we chose to make Wild Willies. Wild Willies is about being exceptional. More importantly... about being yourself. Sure, you've heard that before but we attempt to question the status quo when it comes to how we decide to live our own lives. You see, it is more than only a sweet beard or a timeless mustache. It's about you and all your glory.

The Manskape Co. is here to observe you. You had been the first beardsman. You wore that the Magnum P.I. stache not because it was trendy, but since it is only the ideal thing to do. You were the one who decided that a fresh trim beard, match and wood scented cologne work great together, not because it's professional, but only because its natural. We solute you, originator. Your Disposition, your boldness, your awesomeness and most of all your raw manliness!

So function as blank trim or super hairy person you're intended to be. Rock that confront sweater. Sport that cookie duster. Wear the up button vest and monocle like it's still 1890. Are you a civil war general deep down? Feeling like a mullet and a blossom compliment each other? Why not!? Maybe you just a like a tiny face fuzz for the ladies. Whatever your fashion will soon be my great man, make certain you wear it proud!

Wild Willies --  Live Wild.

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