The Best Bed Bug Glue - January 2022

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Top Bed Bug Glue Brands

Hot Shot

You are the head of their household. The guardian of all. If it comes to your loved ones, you're hot, compassionate and nurturing. But when they need protecting, you're cool, calculating and effective. That's why Hot Shot Insecticides will be the weapon of choice, giving you the clear advantage within your walls and in the checkout point. When creepy bugs try to pass, save the evening with Sexy Shot Insecticides.

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P. F. Harris Mfg.

In the 1920s, P. F. Harris, an entomologist waging a personal war with roaches, had an idea: Instead of following the traditional custom of taking an insecticide to the insect, why not lure the insect into the insecticide.

"I'd conquer the roach by attractive to the sense of character which gave him his defense ---- odor." - PF Harris

From this insight he created an innovative mix of flour, sugars and also a lure to draw the critters Harris Roach Chow, along with a large dose of ellagic acid. The formulation was strong enough to remove the roaches, however benign enough to work over folks.

Over 90 years later, it's still a powerful weapon for the PF Harris Manufacturing Co., that stays a leader in pest control. Under the ownership of Dave Rhinehart and Jim Biggs, PF Harris is America's earliest Business today. With over 55 goods, the business offers solutions to treat everything out of roaches and bed bugs and stink bugs.

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