The Best Bentonite Clay Detox Kit - February 2023

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Ancient Minerals Magnetic Clay Natural product image


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Lone Star Botanicals Bentonite Clay Powder Activated Charcoal Combo Pharmaceutical Grade DIY product image


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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Cleansing product image


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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Pound product image


Bentonite Clay Food Grade Powder product image


Food Grade Calcium Bentonite Clay product image


Brazilian Belle Detox Clay Body Wraps for Inch Loss Advanced Spa Formula with Bentonite Clay product image


Earths Living Bentonite Montmorillonite Pharmaceutical product image


Look At Me Mud Mask Minis 2 Pack Green Tea Korean Face Mask with Kaolin and Bentonite Clay Korean product image


Look At Me Mud Mask Minis 2 Pack Lemon Mint Korean Face Mask with Kaolin and Bentonite Clay product image

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In 1947, Cetaphil® Cleansing Lotion was invented by a pharmacist as a safe and easy formula with which to mix dermatological remedies. Back in 1964, Cetaphil® Cleansing Lotion has been the first skin care product formulated by dermatologists like an stand-alone skincare product which has been gentle enough for all skin types or conditions.

What started as a very simple formulation recommended as an effective alternative to conventional soap cleansers is known today as Cetaphil®Gentle Skin Cleanser.

Now, over 60 decades later, our product offerings have grown considerably and we are leveraging advanced skin care technology to continue to bring you new products to complement those you already know and love. Much has changed throughout time, but our promise to you has remained the same: our products have the Gentle Power you need to assist you restore, protect and maintain your skin's natural balance. That's why our products are advised by more dermatologists than any other brand. Wholesome skin is what we believe in for people at every age, every stage and every day. The Gentle Power of Cetaphil will help it become a reality.

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