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Ascher Rechargeable Flashlight Resistant Included product image


Nkomax Rechargeable Waterproof Intensity Accessories product image


NearMoon Rechargeable Headlight Flashlight Waterproof product image


Cyclepartner Garnet 75 Attention Taillights Waterproof product image


Sensing Bicycle Taillight Rechargeable Mountain product image


Aduro Sport Rear Light Rechargeable product image


Rechargeable Extremely noticeable Visibility Waterproof product image


Xlite100 Flashlight Bicycle Sensing Waterproof product image


YELIN Taillight Rechargeable Waterproof Seatpost product image


Thorfire Cycling Rechargeable Bicycle Intensity product image

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This bicycle seat is super-duper comfy! I'd recently purchased one a couple of weeks ago from a different company but was not in love with it such as I'm this one. The chair cover fits perfectly and feels just like gel, anyone who buys this would be very happy with their purchase. I'd certainly recommend this chair to anyone who's seeking relaxation! (Shailyn Sheltonon March 15, 2016)

I got this product because I recently started a spin class and the chair was uncomfortable so I wanted something to put in additional comfort to the present seat. I discovered this seat cover useful and more comfy when I sit on the bicycle seat. It is lightweight and lightweight enough to toss within your gym bag and use it if needed. It goes right over the present chair and you tie it down to hold it in position. It also adds more comfort since it's somewhat wider than the bike seat for comfortability. (Jerry on February 4, 2016.)

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