The Best Bicycles With Motors On Them - July 2020

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Strider Sport Balance Months Years product image


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VUP Universal Motorcycle Handlebar Rotation product image


ECOTRIC Electric Bicycle Mountain Shimano product image


Fisher Price W1778 Harley Davidson Tough Trike product image


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STICON Waterproof Stickers Skateboard Motorcycle product image


Flying Horse Approved Motorized Certified product image


Reflective Aiskki reflective Lightweight Adjustable product image


BENYU Stickers Waterbottle Snowboard Motorcycle product image


Tchipie Motorcycle Padlock Reminder Motorbike product image


Secret Garden Motorcycle Skateboard Waterproof product image

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As a boy, Ryan McFarland (Inventor, Founder, President, CEO, and Chief Enthusiast) developed a passion for riding dirt bikes and mountain bikes; his Dad owned a Yamaha Automobile and Hurried dirt bikes himself.     These hours that Ryan spent rising up in his dad's shop, surrounded by the magic sensory overload that driving supplies, Caused a passion that he desired to pass on to his children.    

When Ryan McFarland saw his enthusiastic son, Bode, of just 20 pounds struggle with the weight and elegance of some so-called "children's bicycle," his excitement quickly turned to frustration. Yet, his passion for riding and passion for spending time with his loved ones and teaching them to ride was higher.     So, he took the bike and started cutting, grinding, and unbolting every bit of non-essential weight that he could find. After he got to the drive train, which contains the pedals, cranks, bearings, chain, and sprockets, he learns the best way to make it lighter and more eventually made a decision to eliminate it completely  Having a few more cuts and welds, he also managed to maneuver down the framework further to decrease the middle of gravity and increase stability. Suddenly his small boy using a 12" inseam can sit on the bicycle with both feet solidly on the ground. He knew walking would be the simplest and most natural approach to propel the bicycle for his son and that's exacly what small Bode did without a second thought.

The result was the Strider Balance Bike, making learning how to ride so simple that the announcement, "When they could walk, they could ride" turned into a reality.     With his son now able to share in the delight of riding, both the lifetime skill and purposeful bond Was Made.     Now Team Strider is right here for you too, so grown into one of the early adopters that change the design of how your child learns to ride and establish a new benchmark for how young children explore the entire world on two wheels.

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