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Kathryn Hansen

Kathryn Hansen recovered from bulimia in 2005; she is devoted to empowering and educating men and women who fight with all kinds of binge eating. She is the author of "Brain within Binge: I Was Bulimic, Why Conventional Treatment Didn’t Work, and How I Recovered for Good" (2011), that can be a personal memoir of her own eating disorder and recovery; and also "The Brain more Binge Recovery Guide: A Straightforward and Personalized Plan for Overcoming Bulimia and Binge Eating Disorder" (2016), which is a self explanatory book based on the concepts that helped Kathryn and several others stop binge eating.

Kathryn supplies an alternate voice within the subject of eating disorders—teaching brain-based reasons for why binge eating occurs, and departing from mainstream notions that say eating disorders are caused by underlying emotional/psychological difficulties and need years of therapy to repair. She doesn't believe bulimia and binge eating disorder are all diseases, but instead very natural, however “primitive” brain responses to restrictive dieting and the recurrent overconsumption of highly stimulating foods. She teaches readers utilize their capacity to chart a route to recovery in the most effective way, and how to take back control by the portion of the brains. Her goal is to produce recovery attainable for anyone who wishes to live free of binge eating.

Kathryn includes a website and blog at

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Wendy Hendry

Wendy Hendry is thought to be one of the most inspirational individuals within the fitness market. She has encouraged individuals within her function.

Wendy’s passion for health and fitness has been driven by her own private struggle with food addiction and obesity. Inside her own pursuit of health and recovery she began on a journey that will eventually strike on a flame in thousands to acquire active. Eventually becoming an expert in nutrition as well as fitness, her W.A.I.T. and Move Strategy to mindful eating has influenced tens of thousands longer to overcome food addictions and unhealthy habits.

Wendy received her Bachelors degree in Microbiology by Brigham Young University and is currently co-founder of Biolynk Corporation, an Antibody Recruiting Business.

She currently resides with her family from the gorgeous mountain city of Mapleton, Utah. When she’s not only helping clients or in the gym along with her husband, she could be found arguing with her kids , contemplating the Remarkable blessings which God has given her, and studying Jane Austen

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Lisa P Simms

-Worldwide are overweight and 11 percent are overweight.

-In the USA alone, 30 million men and women will suffer from some form of eating disorder in their lifetime.

-Of these, Binge Eating Disorder is the most common, affecting almost 3 million people nationally.

Should you suffer from excess weight or obesity, emotional and physical health issues and the decreased quality of life which accompany this pervasive problem – you aren't alone, and there is a high likelihood that with just a little guidance you can break loose from the shackles of Binge Eating Disorder and live the life you’t always desired.

Within her books, Lisa P. Simms provides in-depth info and measures that will help lead you toward improving your unhealthy relationship with food. Moving beyond the overarching topic of Binge Eating Disorder, her content zeroes in on particular addictions underneath that larger umbrella. Besides general information and advice when it comes to Binge Eating Disorder as a whole, through her forthcoming series you’ll be able to discover highly specialized information on topics like Sugar Addiction, Fast Food alcoholism, detox programs and tasty recipes which can be instantly implemented to help you on your journey.

Lisa hails from sunny Southern California. When not writing, she enjoys hanging out at the beach, exploring various areas of the planet and enjoying her Lhasa Apso, Socks.

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Samantha Skelly

Samantha Skelly is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, best-selling writer, and emotional eating expert. As a leading authority on disordered eating and body image issues, Samantha has made it their lifestyle’s mission to empower women to overcome their struggles with food and body so that they can stay happy, authentic, and fulfilling lives.

Samantha’therefore mission was realized in 2014, when she set Hungry for Happiness, a movement to encourage women around the globe who are combating disordered eating and body image problems. Starving for Happiness provides recovery resources to people struggling in silence. Through her schedule, Samantha has altered the weight loss industry by demanding #x201d & the & #x201c; Band-Aids for bullet wounds. She works with clients to inspect the person and underlying causes of eating disorders, and in doing so, has transformed the lives of women around the globe by helping them conquer their body and food problems once and for all.

Author of the current best-seller, Hungry for Happiness: One Woman’s Guide From Struggling Food to Finding Freedom, Samantha has been spread her message also inspire tens of thousands of people through her schedule, worldwide international retreats, inspirational speaking engagements, along with the Hungry to get Happiness podcast. Samantha has had the possibility of sharing her mission with Shaw, '' NBC looks on TV, and, CBC, on an international platform. Beneath 24, & #x201d, Samantha has been awarded & #x201c; Top 24 in 2013; and also at 2014, she was named a finalist for #x201c; Greatest #x201d & Emerging Entrepreneur; by Small Business BC.

A native of Vancouver, British Columbia, Samantha now resides in San Diego, California. She supports and donates Some of Hungry for Happiness profits to assist reintegrate and encourage tra

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