The Best Bird Repellent Snake - November 2020

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Izbie Ultrasonic Squirrel Deer Repellent product image


Best Value
Gardeneer Dalen Natural Scarecrow Inflatable product image


Top Choice
Rubber Rainforest Snakes Halloween Decorations product image


Repellent Reflective Spiral Homescape Creations product image


YOFIT Gardener Enemy Scarecrow Great product image


Pack Bird Scare Patio Eden product image


Best Seller
Dalen OW6 Gardeneer Natural Scarecrow product image


Bird Repellent Deterrent Reflective Scare product image


Bird X Bird Proof Repellent Trial Tubes product image


Rhode Island Novelty B0019ESSO6 60 Inch product image

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Bird-X is dedicated to protecting human health, wildlife, and also the surroundings in which we all live. Launched in 1964, the Chicago-based firm sells a comprehensive line of unique pest control products with an unmatched focus on quality, efficacy and customer service in over 160 nations.

Product Development & Research

After years of research and testing, we are aware that insect pests as well as other animals can be conditioned - using their most fundamental fears and survival instincts - to stay away from areas where a hazard is perceived. A number of our answers mimic that hazard, while others make a physical barrier or an unfit habitat. From digital devices, ultrasonic technology, bird spikes and netting, to natural chemicals, visual scares, and much more, each product repels pests naturally and supplies long-term results.

Sustainable Strategy

We're enthusiastic about providing sustainable alternatives. We've proven for many years that pest and wildlife populations could be controlled and retained in areas where they are protected from injury - and in which they are unable to cause harm. Replacing obsolete poison and snare methods which were formerly used for insects and other insects, Bird-X was leading the movement to develop, enhance, and supply green repellent alternatives as 1964.

No Poisons. No Compounds. No Traps.

Our products not just stop pest infestation, but reduce illness risk and office obligations, and enhance property damage - that they also remove the need for chemical pesticides, poisons, and dangerous traps. This means less mess, cleaning, and safer alternatives. We work together with our customers worldwide to create pest-free environments which are safe, nontoxic, non-toxic, and eco friendly.

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