The Best Board Game For Girls - September 2020

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Top Board Game For Girls Brands

Buffalo Games

For more than 30 years, Buffalo Games has generated industry-leading puzzles and party games using a careful eye toward quality and sustainable practices. Their jigsaw puzzles are made with high quality paper board and precision cutting methods and feature sought-after artwork from a number of the nation's leading artists. The corporation's complete line of party games are equally fun to play and easy to learn. Buffalo Games products feature popular licenses such as Charles Wysocki, the Hautman Brothers, Darrell Bush, Josephine Wall, Kim Norlien, Star Wars, DC Superfriends, National Geographic, Urban Dictionary and much more!

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Think Fun

ThinkFun was set with a dream that we can  alter the world through drama.   We continue to expand the fantasy Daily with games and programs Which Make people smarter while they have pleasure

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Wonder Forge

Because 2007 Wonder Forge has committed to creating top-quality drama adventures, exceptional goods, and excellent connections with advanced licenses. As a result, we have procured some of their most treasured literary licenses from the market, including Dr. Seuss, Richard Scarry's Busytown, and Peanuts--and more recent favorites such as Disney Junior, Disney Princess, The Way to Train Your Dragon Two, Marvel, DC Justice League, along with Super Friends.

Wonder Forge quiz titles celebrate the "can do" attitude in most kids, engaging them physically, socially, and creatively. And, our household games bridge generation gaps and build family bonds.

Magic Forge has gained more than 180 awards for sport excellence and today publishes over 100 matches for all ages, sold at mass and specialty retail outlets nationally and in 15 countries.  

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Over the last 130 years the blue triangle has turned into a respected signature that symbolizes a family company dedicated to encouraging fun, understanding and family togetherness - significant values in today's fast paced, tech-driven planet. While having unlimited hours of playing pleasure using our innovative goods, children learn to believe forward, to accept losing graciously and to follow directions. Puzzles, games, arts and crafts and science activity kits develop concentration, imagination and children's experience of success and liberty.

Our goods are the result of our vast expertise, long heritage, expertise and knowledge. We use premium quality materials for all goods and thoroughly examine them in certified laboratories to surpass all current security requirements. Ravensburger has created a stellar reputation for superior quality that lasts and continues to be the world leader in cutting edge craftsmanship. We reflect our dedication to quality in each and every product that conveys our brandnew. As a firm with an enthusiasm for family values, our first responsibility is to engage, educate, inspire and delight kids and families of all ages and skills.

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Game Development Group

  • ............Creator..................
  • ......(a.k.a ....

  • .... of Board Games and Puzzles......
  • .... Manufacturing Ideas into Reality....
  • .........Generating Fun ...............
  • ............. . and.....................
  • ............Thought! ..................                

A little trivia about us:    We're a traditional board puzzle and game business generated over 20 years ago.     A fascinating fact about us is that we do not make.     Our firm name came into existence long before digital and online gambling has been popular! .   Our 'Game Development' is all about the creation and development   of table games, where a 'Group' of most Individuals gather around a table play and to socializewith.     No Batteries Required!  

® Registered Trademarks of Game Development Group Inc.: STARE! , Wordplay, Wit's End, , Bonkers, Issue of Fact, Don't Shoot the Messenger, You Will Never Guess, Wishful Thinking, Mystify, Soundscape, Jinx, Eyecatcher, Wacky World,  Loose Ends, Catch 22, Search Quest, Bonkers, Can't Affect Me, What Is the Link? , Up4Grabs , Game Development Group, and more...

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