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10Buck Fitness

10Buck Fitness has introduced a revolutionary series of bodybuilding based weight lifting gym guides for optimal Muscle Health and Fitness which are provided exclusively by Amazon. These workout routines concentrate on reducing sports and physical fitness workout times through efficiency as a result of training intensity techniques while simultaneously increasing exercise and sports performance results. The programs are something genuinely unique and are not another repackaged version of exercise programs so typical to the many workout Fad's on the market today. The applications are created for male or female athletes of any sport, bodybuilders from beginning to advanced, and personal trainers or coaches for use with their customers or student athletes.

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David Bolton

David Bolton was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1955. In age 21, he moved to Kassel, Germany, where he lived for 13 years. There, he taught music (piano) and English, eventually co-founding a music college and a translation agency.

In addition, he researched astrology and the occurrence of clairvoyance.

Desirous of new experiences, David transferred to Spain in 1990. Through the decades that followed he continued his investigations into the paranormal, and taught several topics.

As a language teacher, David has researched and developed novel techniques developed to ease the learning procedure. These approaches are shown in his book "Language Learning - Out the Box!" A second book on this subject, "The Keys of Powerful Language Learning", can be downloaded for free at one of the websites,

A specialist in baroque music, David appeared in many recitals because of concert harpsichordist while living in Madrid. In his work "The way to Reclaim Music", he gives practical advice on the subject for intermediate/advanced students of any device.

David's job in astrology has led to a number of books. The first (written in German), "Harmonics - Schlüssel zur astrologischen Aspektdeutung" (, deals with innovative techniques of facet interpretation.

Other works include "Astrology and Love" ( and "Understanding Astrology", a succinct guide to studying the basics of chart interpretation (available for free at

David was the co-creator of two astrology computer programs: "Regulus" and also "Omnicycles" (a working demonstration for the latter is also accessible at

Long interested in the Field of self-improvement, and particular mental techniques that can help peop

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